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Brisbane soldiers farewelled for afghanistan tour


A veteran member of the Brisbane Broncos has died aged 87.

Barry “Bobby” O’Shea was diagnosed with a severe form of dementia at the end of his military service and died at the home of his parents near Ipswich, in the New South Wales state of Queensland.

O’Shea spent part of that time serving on the frontline in Afghanistan from 2003 to 2009 and was on duty as a platoon sergeant when his commanding officer, Sgt Robert Voss, died from a heart attack in March.

Crowds gathered to remember the former footballer, while many held banners with messages such as “RIP Bobby”.

O’Shea’s eldest brother Mike O’Shea said their father would have been honoured by thousands of footballers and entertainers who came to Australia to see him play for the Broncos on tour.

“He had a tremendous role to play in some big events but there’s no doubt he’d be 온 카지노 주소particularly proud to have contributed for his country in recent years,” he said.

“That’s really the key, being able to reflect on things and remember some of those memories.

“I’m sure that Bill’s spirit lives on, and that will live on.

“Bill will always be deeply missed.”

Peg’s father, Bill, said he didn’t think much about his eldest son’s battle for life, but did remember his old man’s spirit.

“No-one really knew Bill, and his passing has been so sudden,” Mr O’Shea said.

“The first thing he would 생방송 카지노say when you called was, ‘Well, th갤럭시 카지노 먹튀ere’s no point in you worrying because he’s just gone’.

“There are a number of people who have come and gone and his spirit doesn’t live on, but he would always say to everybody, ‘I’m not going to rest until I see the results’.”

On the night of his death, Mr O’Shea received a text message from his son, who had written: “When it’s my time to go and die, I will be with you”.

Family mourns hero

Mr O’Shea’s son John was involved in the fight for change at university and, along with Mr O’Shea, launched a student movement, which the family used to help set up community group.

“That was my biggest contribution to my dad’s life, to his family and community,