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Emergency service workers to get new equipment and new nurses for some of the hospital. Some of the problems that we have are really just logistical. We just can’t get the capacity that we need, and so we’ve been trying to try to do something else for quite some time. That’s not the most efficient way to do things, but we’ve been trying to take advantage of time, just try and do as good a job as possible, because they are deal샌즈 카지노ing with an incredibly complex situation with these patients, with these conditions. And, you know, we’re trying to try to be helpful, you know, in the sense that we’re trying to be as patient-centered as we can, and just trying to help as many people as we can.

AMY GOODMAN: What’s the most serious part of all of this?

DAVID WALKER: Well, we know that this could end up in the hands of the Trump administration, which could also have potentially devastating effects for people who are vulnerable and vulnerable com온라인 카지노munities. So, we’ve had a lot of discussions, in fact, with some federal화천출장마사지 agencies about how this could affect them. And we have asked them to do a forensic forensic assessment of the site, which really only takes a small part of what we have available at this time, and to figure out exactly what they’re looking for. What that really could mean is people could lose their lives in this area. What this could mean is if that forensic lab does find some chemicals there—and there are definitely more than we know about—it would be possible for the Trump administration to essentially put a gag order on whatever chemical the U.S. Department of Justice is trying to find and go through, and potentially, with potentially lethal chemicals, potentially bring chemical weapons into the U.S., so that we have to respond in some way to this situation. It would also mean that the facility that’s supposed to be here will be very hard to get rid of.

AMY GOODMAN: How important is the facility at CFS to you, David Walker, since it was closed to the public?

DAVID WALKER: Well, it is critical for us, I think, that we—we feel, in fact, the need to bring this facility down to a certain level of closure, even to a maximum level, so that the American people who come here can feel safe. I mean, the fact is, I don’t know that you could find a worse place for mental health than this. The staff that we have are th