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President duterte to meet chinas president in historic visit

Published 5:41 PM, October 15, 201바카라사이트7

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte to meet President Benigno Aquino III in a historic visit to the Republic of the Philippines next Wednesday, October 16.

In a joint press statement, the presidents said the first trip of a sitting president to the island nation follows President Donald Trump’s visit, which he made last year.

According to them, the two will meet as “leaders of their respective countries” that “will seek to further strengthen mutual trust.”

While the two countries have recently come into conflict, Duterte has accused President Aquino and his government of backing terrorists in eastern Mindanao, a claim that has led the Aquino administration to respond by launching a crackdown against suspected rebels in the area.

The two leaders had prev바카라iously been due to visit Philippines on a high-level delegation to China. The two presidents had also signed bilateral cooperation agreements between their countries for the con바카라사이트struction of a water pipeline linking the western Philippines with China. – Rappler.com