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Every industry, be it big or small, has to cope with problems and shortcomings. The transport industry is no different. Common terminologies associated with the trucking industry are logistics and freight management. Planning, tracking and controlling the goods come under freight management. While the movement of goods from one point to another comes under the logistics. And this is where the maximum problem can occur. Truck tyres, which should be the major point of concern, are always ignored.

Consider a situation when a truck driver is delivering goods that are required immediately. And unfortunately, something goes wrong with the truck tyre. In this case, not only will the driver be late in delivering the goods but it could also result in a dangerous and traumatic situation. It could even risk the life of the driver, especially on highways. Some of the major problems associated with the truck tyres are cuts and punctures, wear and tear, misalignment, cracking and bulging. It can even result in emergency brake damage, over inflation, under inflation and many more.

It has to be noted that these problems can occur with the best tyres also. It is not like the top tyres are exempt from these problems. The only solution to avoid these problems is the proper care and maintenance of the truck tyres. This is altogether a very difficult task. Let’s have a look at how you as a truck transporter can be free from these unignored problems.

Major problems associated with transporters

1) Managing a huge number of tyres: A truck transporter owns, let’s say, 50 trucks. Each of these trucks comprises 14 tyres. So, with a little mathematics, the total number of the truck tyre comes out to be 700. Now imagine the life of a transporter, who apart from managing the truck drivers, dealing with his clients, making the schedule of delivery dates, keeping a note of loading and unloading and dealing with other miscellaneous problems which have no end has to look after these 700 truck tyres as well.
It is next to impossible to manage all this work effectively.

2)Financial issues: As mentioned above, it is very difficult for a transporter to manage all the truck tyres. This becomes the major reason for financial issues for transporters. He has to purchase new tyres for the trucks frequently.
Therefore, they end up spending a major portion of the revenue.

Fleeca India Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a specific model, Fleeca Assured Tyres, which will take all the burden related to the truck tyres from the transporters.

Benefits of Fleeca Assured Tyres

KM Commitment

For the first time in India, something of this sort has come up where the transporters will be getting a KM (Kilometer) commitment that too with unconditional warranty and free maintenance with no hidden charges. For example, the kilometers committed under the model is X km but the truck tyre manages to cover more than the committed km, in this case, no extra charges would be asked. But let’s say the tyre blasts before covering the committed km then, in this case, all the costing would be taken care of by Fleeca only.

So in both cases, there is a win-win situation for the customer. Not only just the tyre blasting, but many other mishappenings would be completely looked upon by the Fleeca.

24X7 free tyre support

Fleeca India Pvt. Ltd. will provide a 24X7 helpline number. This will help the customers to get support on all the 365 days. It also has more than 280+ FLEECA CENTERS that are open to provide en-route services to its customers. Fleeca Assured Tyre imposes no limitation on the brand of the truck tyre. It is completely the choice of the transporter. However, you can also buy tyres online from shop.feeca.in

Analytical support

Analytical support will also be provided where the customer can get a detailed analysis of all the truck tyres installed by Fleeca. Also being the customer you will be able to monitor the details of the tyres through our Tyre Management App.

This will reduce the burden of the transporter. He longer has to worry about the rotation of the tyre, tyre puncture, fitment of the new tyre etc. All the activities will be completely looked at by Fleeca. It will be the job of Fleeca to provide timely support and tyre inspection whenever required.

Casing of tyre

Last but not the least Fleeca Assured Tyre will also look after the casing. Once a tyre reaches below 3 mm NSD then it has to be made sure that the proper casing has been done so that no damage takes place.

Financial Benefits

Economically, the Fleeca Assured Tyre is very beneficial for the transporters. They no longer would have to purchase tyres again and again. As it would be completely managed by the well-trained team of Fleeca.

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