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Truck Tyre Repair Patches Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Truck Tyre Repair Patches

fleeca India Pvt ltd is well know Truck Tyre puncture repair Patches Manufacturer Wholesaler and Supplier in India, Get Tyre patches at wholesale price

fleeca India Pvt ltd is well known Truck Tyre puncture repair Patches, Manufacturer Wholesaler and Supplier, in India, Get Tyre patches at wholesale price

Truck Tyre Patche Manufacturer in India

Looking for a patch to repair truck tyres? This high-quality tool is intended specifically for the repair of different automotive, auto, and truck tyre repair patches.

In the meanwhile, this type of universal truck tyre repair patch is made specifically for emergency inflation and works with the majority of tyre types.

Truck Tyre repair patches is made to fix punctured Truck Tyres, and they don’t harm the internal components of a truck tyre.

Additionally, you can use this set of tyre repair patches on any kind of Truck trailer and heavy-duty vehicles.

This is a brand-new, premium tyre patch for trucks and commercial vehicles.

High-quality patches are reasonably priced and easy to use and Fix your en-route tyre issues

What are Tyre repair patches?

Truck Tyre Repair Patches are a piece of natural rubber with adhesive on one side that is pasted inside the tyres,

Such Tyre Repair patches are comparatively durable and strong in compression of plugs, although they need more work to fix but are more reliable,

Types of Repair Patches

Although there are several kinds of tyre patches available but radial and Nylon are the types of patches which is generally used in India for a Truck puncture repair

Radial Truck Tyre Patches

We are a manufacturer of radial tyre repair patches with an outstanding selection of radial tyre patches made with dedication.


The patches that are provided are frequently utilised in the automotive industry.


The provided patches are made with premium materials and cutting-edge technology in our technically sound production facility under the strict supervision of skilled professionals.


Due to their exceptional qualities, such as durability and tear resistance, the provided patches are highly valued by our cherished customers

Nylon Truck Tyre Patches

We manufacture and supply Tyre Repair Nylon Patches throughout India.


These patches are made with premium-grade components that are sourced from trustworthy vendors in the market while keeping in mind established industry norms.

Tyre Repair Patches Manufacturer and supplier

Fleeca India Pvt ltd is dealing in Truck Tyre repair patches and related products for the last 5 years, we are serving and supplying truck tyre repair patches all over India in bulk quantities.


We have our Truck Tyre repair centres across India that are known as Fleeca Center Tyre Repair Centres available on all major highways to serve en-route clients.


All these centres are using our Tyre Repair patches which are of high quality and give major satisfaction to customers.


Price and Availability of Truck Tyre Repair Patches

Fleeca India Pvt ltd is providing Natural Rubber truck tyre patches at quite affordable prices at your doorstep.


If anyone wants to buy Fleeca Tyre Repair patches in large quantities we can provide the same at wholesale prices as well.

Distribution Opportunity of Fleeca Tyre Patches

If you are seeking a good brand to associate with in Tyre repair patches in India then Fleeca is the best option available in the Indian market.


We are seeking people to associate with us as Distributors of Tyre Repair Patches across India.


We have an uninterrupted supply with a good distributor margin on these Repair patches.


Fleeca India is a genuine and verified supplier of Tyre Repair Patches from all over India at IndiaMART as well.


You can directly contact us or give us your buy requirement and we can fulfil the requirement

in less time across India.

Wholesale Prices of Tyre Repair Patches

We are offering these Truck tyre repair patches at wholesale prices all over India, follow are the Patch wise specification and supply ability to deliver as per the requirement.

Ref.No. Description Automation Function Supply Ability Qty/Box
1001 Nylon Tyre Repair Patches BP2 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1002 Nylon Tyre Repair Patches BP3 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1003 Nylon Tyre Repair Patches BP4 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1004 Nylon Tyre Repair Patches BP5 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1005 Nylon Tyre Repair Patches BP6 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 5
1006 Nylon Tyre Repair Patches BP7 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 5
1007 Nylon Tyre Repair Patches BP8 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 5
1008 Radial Tyre Repair Patches CT33 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1009 Radial Tyre Repair Patches CT35 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1010 Radial Tyre Repair Patches CT37 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1011 Radial Tyre Repair Patches CT40 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1012 Radial Tyre Repair Patches CT42 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1013 Radial Tyre Repair Patches CT44 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1014 Radial Tyre Repair Patches CT45 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1015 Radial Tyre Repair Patches CT55 Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 10
1016 Radial Tyre Repair Patches S. Round Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 40
1017 Radial Tyre Repair Patches Med Round Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 30
1018 Radial Tyre Repair Patches S. Oval Manual Repair 1000 Pcs /Day 30

** Tyre Repair Patch price can be changed as the raw material price change,

How to reach us for Tyre Patches in India

It’s quite easy for you to send your Truck Tyre repair patch requirement to Fleeca India,

You can Just Call On Mobile No: 07969025588 and can raise your query or you can mail us at info@fleeca.in as soon as we receive your email we would get in touch with you to fulfil your needs.

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