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Fleeca Center – The Next Generation Tyre Repair Shop

Fleeca Center _ Next generation tyre repair shops near me

Fleeca India introduced their next-generation tyre puncture repair shop in India known as Fleeca Centres to Help en-route truck drivers and Fleet owners with tyre maintenance.

Fleeca India introduced their next-generation tyre repair shop in India known as Fleeca Centres to Help en-route truck drivers and Fleet owners with tyre maintenance.


What is Fleeca Center – The Tyre Repair Shop Shop near Me

Fleeca Center are modern and well equipped with puncture repair kits, especially for truck and heavy-duty vehicles, Fleeca Center was introduced in 2019 to help truck drivers and fleet owners.

While they are driving on the highway and face situation like tyre puncture, tyre burst, or any other issue related to tyres and their maintenance.

These tyre repair centres are designed to help the truck driver in an extended way by which Truck drivers are connected with the Fleeca Mobile APP.

In case they face any such tyre issue they can check the nearest Fleeca centre and can get the tyre repaired from these centres

How Fleeca Centers different from Typical Puncture Shops

Traditionally the available tyre puncture repair shops that are available on Indian highways may or may not have all the required tools or puncture repair kits to repair the damaged tyres, so it’s difficult for the truck driver to choose which puncture repair shop can help them,

There is different kind of tyre like Radial Tubeless or Tube tyre every type needs a different puncture repair kit to remove their punctures.

Fleeca Centers are well-equipped puncture repair kits and all kinds of repair tools that are needed to mend any kind of punctured tyres.

Types of Fleeca Centers - Tyre Repair shops.

It is quite impossible to predict what kind of issues a truck driver can face while driving on a highway, they can have issues like Tyre Puncture, Tyre Dis alignment, Tyre Cut, Issues with tyre mount and other technical issues a driver can face.

The basis on the condition Fleeca India has 3 different kinds of Tyre Repair Shops there are as Follows

#1 Fleeca Center – Pit Shop

These kinds of tyre puncture repair shops have basic tools available to repair truck tyres following services are available to such outlets.

  • Puncture
  • Cut Repair
  • Redial Tyre Fitment
  • Rotation
  • Fitment, Mounting /Demounting
  • Tyre collection for re-treading

#2 Fleeca Center – Premium Outlets

Premium fleeca centres are next-generation tyre repair shops that are completely equipped with all kinds of tools required to repair any kind of tyre available on wheels,

Following are the services available at these Tyre repair shops

  • Puncture
  • Cut Repair
  • Redial Tyre Fitment
  • Rotation
  • Fitment, Mounting /Demounting
  • Tyre collection for retreading
  • Parking Area (Guard )
  • Driver Restroom, Food, and other facilities

#3 Fleeca Center – Alignment Centers

Vehicle alignment is an important service that is required by the driver as well as Fleet owners, when tyres are out of alignment that will hurt the tyre performance.

This will also impact the tyre life which is a direct financial loss to fleet owners.

Considering this The alignment centres were introduced by fleeca where anyone can check their wheel alignment and balancing.

These are the services that are available at Fleeca Vehicle Alignment centres

  • Puncture
  • Cut Repair
  • Redial Tyre Fitment
  • Rotation
  • Fitment, Mounting /Demounting
  • Tyre collection for retreading
  • New Tyre Sale
  • Retreaded Tyre Sale

Next Gen Tyre repair Shops Charges

There are 2 different where in drivers can visit these centres and can get their job done by paying for the services.

Another cost-saving way is to Get the Fleeca Tyre Maintenance services that are available in Prepaid and Post-paid services in which Fleeca India Takes care of your Tyres and assist en route Drivers when they have any issue with their tyres.

Fleeca India’s Customer care team assist en-route drivers to reach the nearest Fleeca Tyre Repair Shops and also assists to get the required work done ensuring quality of work and competitive cost.

Benefits of Fleeca Centers

Tyre maintenance Service helps fleet owners to get free from day-to-day tyre issues and they can focus on business rather than the small issues.

Drivers do not need not to carry any cash along with them to get the tyre repaired, these centres will provide the service to drivers and Fleeca Charge to the client so Drivers are free from having cash.

24/7 Customer care availability ensures that whenever the driver faces any issue anytime day or night, customer care executives are available to assist him to get his job done

En-route Tyre service Availability also ensures that drivers can get a new tyre on the route in case their existing tyre is completely damaged.

How to Avail Services From Fleeca Centres

Fleeca India is offering their tyre maintenance services to all Fleet owners, to avail of these services you need to get in touch with us, you can call on the following number and also can write us at the following mail ID, someone from fleeca will get in touch with you to understand your requirement and will suggest the required service for your fleet,

Franchise opportunity – Fleeca Centres

Fleeca India is offering their En-route tyre maintenance service to people who willing to associate with the tyre industry.

Fleeca India Franchise is high earning model with low investment.

Benefits of Fleeca Franchisee

  • Low-cost high revenue Model.
  • One of a Kind Franchisee Model in the Tyre Industry.
  • Customer Walk-in from day one at Fleeca Center
  • 24/7 Support system.
  • Technical / Activity wise detailed training program
  • Tyre Inspection / maintenance software (SAAS) availability.
  • A Unique outlet for Tyre Inspection/maintenance Services for fleeca clients.
  • Complete Marketing and Branding Support.
  • Other Fleeca India Products available for sale.

Feel Free to Get in Touch For Franchisee Enquiry 

Contact No : 9251624412  

Email: jitendar@fleeca.in

Next Gen Tyre Repair Shop The Final Thought

Although there are several tyres repair and maintenance service outlets or shops available on the highway such outlets are not in a structured system in place.

Fleeca Centers are specifically designed to cater to Truck / Heavy Duty vehicles and Fleet owners where they can get any service or tyre maintenance service they need.

To avail of Fleeca Tyre maintenance services write us at <jitendar@fleeca.in> , and we will get in touch with you to fulfil your needs.

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