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Fleeca india Provides comprehensive and state of the art Fleet Tyre management services and tyre management software solutions to fleet owners in india.

Fleet Tyres Management System and Software

 It’s important to know, the costs associated with managing your fleet’s tyres cost rank second, and fuel prices (47%) are always first in terms of the overall fleet’s operational costs.


Tyre contributes roughly  25% of the overall cost.

Fleet Management is quite important to manage the overall vehicle in the system and also to get the optimum output from the resources.

Fleet Tyres management is also an essential part that should be considered by every fleet owner,

As mentioned Tyres contribute a significant amount to fleet expenses so tyre management can’t be overlooked

So what is fleet tyres management?

It’s easy to understand Fleet Tyres Management, it’s about how many tyres are running on the road along with what is the backup spare stock.

Knowing the real-time NSD of running tyres, what kind of brand is good for the fleet, how drivers are behaving with the vehicles on road,

Maintenance of recommended tyre pressure, are vehicles running overinflated or under inflated. Executing all such activities comes in Fleet Tyres management services.

Fleet tyres Management either can be done at the Own Fleets workshop or can be outsourced to the Fleet Tyres Management companies.

Such companies are highly professional in tyre management service as well as they know what and how to treat and manage tyres to increase tyre life.

Fleeca Commercial fleets tyre Management service

Fleeca India Fleet Tyres Management companies amongst the best tyre management company in india,

We have a wide network of Tyre repair shops Known as “Fleeca Centres” across India to ensure vehicle repair and maintenance while vehicles are running on the road.

We do have a Tyre Specialists who inspects each and every tyre of your fleet including its pressure, temperature, tyre tread wear, real-time NSD and how drivers are behaving on the road just by looking at the Tyres.

Fleet Tyres Maintenance across India

Fleeca India Offers Fleet/Truck owners across India, we offer tyre maintenance and management at competitive rates.

Many of the tyre management companies in India don’t have a complete Tyre management service for fleet owners.

Fleeca India Offers Tyre management services as well as we offer Tyre Management Software to our clients to manage end-to-end Fleet tyre management.

Fleet/Truck tyre management software

Fleet Tyres Management Software for managing fleet tyres often includes routine maintenance, such as tread depth examination, accurate air pressure measurement, and appropriate tyre selection for various loads depending on its ply grade.

Regular inspection and upkeep will extend the life of your tyres and increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

However, neglecting routine maintenance and failing to comprehend the current state of the tyre may end up costing you more money than necessary maintenance.

Fleeca India offers comprehensive tyre management software that provides comprehensive information on every tyre in your fleet.

Like, maintains an online inventory and tracks each tyre’s operating kilometres and tread depth almost instantly along with variations in tyre pressure and temperature.

Fleet Owners can know the end-to-end status of their fleet online anytime he wants.

Fleet tyres Maintenance network “Fleeca Centers”

Fleet owners don’t know when a vehicle can break down on the roads, Fleeca India is one step ahead in Fleet Tyres Management services.

We have established a Fleeca Authorized Puncture Tyre Repair know as“Fleeca Centers” Shop on all major highways in India,

any client that is associated with Fleeca can Get the vehicle tyre repaired from these outlets.

We do have a dedicated customer service team that manages all such tyre-related calls from our clients when they have any vehicle breakdown on road.

We also help fleet owners to fulfil their en-route tyre needs in-case any vehicle’s tyre is busted on the highway and they need a new tyre.

Fleeca fleet management solutions Company

If you are looking for a company that can provide complete solutions for Fleets tyre management along with tyre management software then Fleeca India will be the best option a fleet owner can have in India.

We have our own tyre management service which is integrated with the tyre management software that provides a comprehensive and detailed report of an individual tyre or the entire vehicle.

Fleeca India’s tyre management software is a web-based application so the fleet owner doesn’t have to worry about to how to use that software.

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