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Truck tyres hold bold margins when it comes to profits in fleet-based businesses. Apart from fleet maintenance, fuel and other hefty basic business expenses fleet businesses are drowned by a huge factor “Tyre management”.

We believe in an ignored fact that “fleet businesses are not run on trucks. Indeed, they run on tyres”. Truck tyres are the heart and soul of every fleet-based business.Achieving optimum cost per kilometre or pay per kilometer on truck tyres can be a big game changer for any fleet business. But getting a tight grip on this one factor “optimum cost per kilometer” can be a difficult task for fleet owners because it requires serious analysis, skilled management and equipment which is a matter of huge investments on already trimmed profits.

Today may vendors and brands offer services like – Tyres on rent, truck tyre insurance, truck tyres on monthly basis, maintenance free tyres, truck tyres on EMI, truck tyre subscription etc. But these services are unable to cover the actual core problems leading to business losses. Trying to bury the problem just by changing the tyres will only make the holes bigger in the business owner’s pocket. To keep tyres and profits in favor, it is required for a fleet business to efficiently inspect, analyze and manage the running tyresand keep every minor detail under check by an expert.

As a fleet business owner, one must consider those other hidden labilities and losses that are overlooked but still are an ache to one’s time and money. These losses can be

  • No regular fleet checkups and inspection practices.
  • Unable to get detailed reports and reviews for quality analysis.
  • Less accurate records and manipulated data.
  • Unmeasurable time wastages on unproductive bargains and discussions.
  • Unable to focus on other business activities.
  • Fake billings and tyre theft.
  • Poor equipment and tyre selection.
  • Compromise in maintenance quality.
  • Unskilled and lenient engineers.

So, isn’t there someone who can completely take care of all tyre management needs, holds a potential to reduce huge operational costs and bring up the profitability graph for fleet businesses?

Don’t worry FLEECA is here to hold your back!

Fleeca is an all in one complete package for most effective tyre management!

Fleecais India’s first complete truck tyre management service provider without any background in truck tyre manufacturing. Fleecaaims to provide unparallel world class Truck tyre management services for Fleet businesses and covers all possible aspects for delivering a perfect truck tyre management experience to fleet business owners.

Fleeca’s CPKm holds the potential to completely revolutionize a Fleet business and promises to achieve optimum and profitable cost per kilometers for Fleet Businesses. Fleeca enables a fleet business owner to savehuge money on truck tyres and enables them to invest that saved sum on other businessareas for overall growth.

Fleecaalso provides dedicated Fleet Engineers who ensures the implementation of best tyre care and maintenance practices like regular tyre checks, pressure analysis, timely rotation, proper fitment and alignment proceduresand maintenance for tyre wear and tear.

Fleeca’s unique App, enables a fleet owner to completely analyze data for their each tyre on every fleet. Updated tyre data records of fleets are integrated with fleet’s available database are analyzed to measure overall vehicle fitness and the finalreport is shared with the owner and responsible maintenance team on a regular basis.

With promised 24X7 support with Tyre Help-Line and PAN India coverage of 300+ highly equipped and advanced Fleeca centers at every 40 Kms we make sure that your every fleet is securedfrom all tyre related defects on their travelling route.

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