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Have you ever felt the hassle of sudden truck breakdown on a long highway, where even there is no immediate assistance to be received and the goods loaded in that truck need to be delivered soon? Probably if you are a truck owner or truck driver, you will be able to relate here more. Well, breaking down of the fleet on the highway is the most helpless situation and to help you in such situations, Fleeca first tells you the reasons of such breakdowns so that you can be cautious and then also educate you about the solution that Fleeca worked on, thinking about the situation’s breakdowns create. Some common reasons for break down are:

Dead battery: Low or dead battery is the most common cause of a vehicle breakdown. The vehicle’s engine doesn’t start when the battery is dead and in such cases you and your vehicle get stuck in the middle of the road. Generally, the truck batteries last up to 3 to 5 years and in case if you are living in extremely cold or hot regions then this span reduces further. So, make a note of getting the fleet’s battery changed timely.

Engine issues: Engine trouble is a wide category that covers a huge range of problems. Typically, the breakdown of the vehicle because of an engine is all related to overheating. Overheating doesn’t permit the engine to run efficiently. You must always get the cooling system checked, such as coolant leak, problems with fans, water pumps and clogged radiator.

Transmission troubles: When there is a sudden sound and the engine is not starting at all, understand that the transmission has the blown away. Do get your transmissions regularly serviced. Flush the fluid at the suggested interval and thereby reduce the stress on a vehicle’s transmission system.

Brake problem: 29% of truck accidents are because of brake problems. A fleet’s drum and disc brake are continually exposed to friction, heat, and pressure. Given this exposure, if they are not maintained timely they will wear out before time. Do get your brake pads, rotators and fluid levels checked. The brake fluid needs to be changed also as specified by the fleet manufacturer or by other service experts.

Tyre complications: Besides engine, battery, brake and transmission, another major reason for breakdowns are tyres. Yes, it is important to maintain the tyres and check the pressure, tread depth and damages on the sidewalls regularly. Underinflation is very common in our country and studies have proved that breakdowns happen when excessive heat build-up in the tyre sidewall due to less pressure in tyres.

Breakdown of a vehicle is inevitable but if you pay attention to these small factors, the number of breakdowns can reduce drastically. Still, if such things happen on the highway, don’t panic. immediately book the repair service at the nearest Fleeca Center from Fleeca app. Yes, the Fleeca app is the smart solution that the company has worked out. Through this app, you can keep all the records of services and related expenditures as well as get the best service in the shortest time on the endless highway. 

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