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Persistent misconceptions and common myths have clouded the reputation of a retread. However, the truth is: when you get a tyre retread from a reputed service center who are using certified or guaranteed retreading methods and machinery then the difference between a new tyre and retread tyre is zero. The retread falls cheap and saves the environment. The reasons why tyre retreading is best, beneficial and is a good buy:

Retread tyres are safe: Multiple studies/tests have been conducted and concluded that properly done-retreading is as good for safety and tyre life as any new tyre. Retread offer superior traction and are absolutely smooth to drive. If you don’t believe this, probably this sentence can compel you to think- there are government agencies who are choosing retread tyres for ambulances and fire trucks. The failure of the tyre is all related to poor maintenance of it. The retreads are safe to drive!

Retread tyres save money: The most expensive part of the tyre is casing. When you go for a new tyre, you have to pay for casing as well as rubber but in case of retreading, only the exterior i.e. the rubber gets redone. It indeed saves the money and the performance is as good as the new tyre in less amount of money. As tyres form the major component of the maintenance budget of fleet operators, retreading is one great way to save on your profits.

Retread tyres contribute to the environment: Environment is drawing everyone’s attention and as a fleet owner, going for tyre retreading is a very good way to contribute to the initiative. The process of tyre retreading requires 15 fewer gallons of oil per tyre, emission of carbon is less and the material used is also less as compared to making a new tyre. More, a tyre retreaded is a tyre less that needs to be dumped or disposed of in the environment.

Retread tyres are durable: Made of similar rubber compounds and tread designs as new tyres, retread tyres deliver durable performance over many years. They wear in the same amount of time as new tyres and last long when maintained effectively.

Retreads are done for all types of vehicles: Tyre retreading is an ideal option that provides excellent safety and performance for the long-term. It is now done for all types of vehicles’ tyres. The marketplace is full of options, it is just that when you select to retread always look for a trusted specialist who has years of experience in the field.

We, Fleeca India Pvt. Ltd. also provide tyre retreading services. We have some experts doing it. If you want to know anything more about tyre retreading, do contact us.

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