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retread Tyres myths, Some say retread tyre doesn’t perform, and others say they are not safe, as a matter of fact, some says these tyres are illegal. REALLY?

Do you believe in all this? There are various myths associated with retread tire and here are some points, We, are going to debunk all these myths.

Following are the Common Myths About Retread Tyre

1- Retread tyres are not safe

This is absolutely false. The truth is that the retread tyre is crafted with precision and tested thoroughly to ensure that they function the same as new tyres.

We know that you are concerned about the rising rates of accidents but let us tell you that the main culprits of accidents are underinflation, overinflation, mismatch of tyres, faulty repairs, misaligned vehicles and can be your speed exceeding the limit.

The retread tyre can’t be entirely held responsible for accidents. As long as you maintain them properly, they perform as well as new tyres.

2 – Retread tyres pollute the roads

Many of you believe that the bits and pieces of rubber that are seen on road, come from a retread tyre. But the fact is that not just the retread tyre but the new tyres as well can leave this debris on road.

The studies have proved it. Want to know why tyres leave rubber? It is because of improper maintenance.

The pollution on roads because of tyres has nothing to do with retreading.

3- Retread tyre dosen’t perform well:

What? Retread tyre can’t perform well just because they went through the process of retreading.

Nothing inferior happens in the process of retreading. Retread tyre perform just as well and can even be used for off-road driving easily.

4- Heat easily ruins retread tyre

This is another myth which stands absolutely illogical. Heat can’t differentiate between a retread tyre and a new tyre. It has the same effect on all types of tyres.

The main reason why heat is easily able to damage a tyre is because of less pressure in it. You all need to make sure that the tyres are properly inflated as per the prescribed level.

5- Retread tyres look bad

Retread tyres look bad. Really? We mean how does that going to make big difference to the fleet drivers or owners?

Still, if it does then there are a number of tyres recappers who provide some of the best quality retreads with the best of appearance.

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Benefits of Retread tyre

following are some of the important benefits of a retread tyre, you can avoid buying new tyres every time, Retread tyre are as good as new tyres and follow the same methodology and safety measures as a new tyre.

  • First of all, they fall cheaper than the new tyre. So, you save a great deal of money.
  • Retreads contribute to the environment. Every tyre that’s gone for retreading is saving up on filling the landfills.
  • Retreading is like recycling. Against the 22 gallons of oil that are needed to manufacture a new tyre, retreading happens in only 7 gallons of oil.
  • A retread tyre buy is always a good buy. Never get doubts in your mind while buying a retread tyre. Retread tyres are as good as new tyres so now next time before buying brand new tyres, buy new retread tyre.

Retread Tyre Summary

as mentioned the common myths are there with people but choosing a retread tyre over a new tyre can be cost-saving, durable, and environment friendly with required safety measures.

try adopting retreading tyres in your fleet believe us you won’t regret using them.

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