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It is that time of the year again. Heavy rains are pouring and as this time brings some blooming flowers, happy moods, and lush greenery all around, it also brings along the risk of driving. Yes, getting behind the wheel when it is raining, can be really hazardous. The slippery roads, flooded highways, and poor visibility, all contribute to the chances of mishappening. Saving you from any such casualty, here we, give you some quick tips of safe driving on wet roads.

Check the vehicle’s equipment: Before you set on your ride, make sure that you check the taillights, windshield, and headlights of your vehicle. All these three need to function efficiently in the rainy season. Also, don’t forget to check the tread of the tyres. The worn-out treads reduce the traction of the vehicle on road.

Drive slowly: It is always said to drive within the speed limits but when it is raining, we suggest to drive even slower. Wet roads are dangerous and in such times vehicle’s reaction (braking efficiency) also gets slower. So, the slower the speed would be the safer you will reach your destination.

Maintain a safe distance between vehicles: Instant stopping of your vehicle gets a little difficult in rains and therefore it is better to always maintain a good distance between two vehicles.

Avoid instant/heavy braking: Cruise control in the monsoon season is a straight NO-NO. Also, slow down your vehicle by taking away your foot from accelerator way before then you would normally do in regular days.

Avoid puddles: When you cross your vehicle through the puddles, there are not only the chances of losing control but also the chances of impairing your vision as well as other driver’s visibility because of a big splash of water. Also, puddles may have some wedge or glass beneath that can hamper your vehicle tyre.

Ventilate your vehicle: Humidity level increases when it rains, due to which the vehicle windows become foggy from inside. To defog and clear your front vision, switch on the defog button. In case if you are not able to defog the windows, stop for a while but then never drive with unclear vision.

Recover from hydroplaning: Hydroplaning is one of the most common reasons for accidents in the rainy season. When it rains, the water creates a barrier between the road and the tyres. The liquid film created leads to lose traction and glide of the vehicle across the water surface. When this happens, do not apply the brake, just take your foot off the accelerator and slowly steer in the direction, in which you want your vehicle to go. Avoid making sudden turns and slamming your brakes.

Wait till the weather improves: This is the last suggestion as we know that it is not possible every time to wait till the weather improves. But still, if you are not confident of driving in rains and can postpone your plan then it’s better to wait than never.

Rain is the most beautiful season of all and hopes with these safe driving tips of ours, your season goes way smoother and happier. Just always be attentive, keep your speed slow, switch on the lights and let the wiper do its job.

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