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Do you want your truck tyres that can run long and perform at the best without major expenses occurring in between? If yes? Then you need to turn the following actions into your habit. Tyres add a significant cost to your operating budget and if you pay attention to them, you not only save your money but also stay safer on road.

Buy high-quality truck tyres: Never do the mistake to compromise with the quality of truck tyres. You might buy the cheap tyres initially with the idea of saving money but then later you end up spending more in the maintenance or replacement of the tyre. We suggest that buy high-quality tyres that have gone through extensive testing about its durability, performance and other such features.

Monitor the tyre air pressure: Monitor the air pressure regularly because a right air pressure is essential for a better life of tyres. Both underinflation and over inflation leads to a host of problems. When the tyre is less inflated, it tends to wear more quickly on the shoulders side. It weakens the tyre sidewalls and ultimately leads to a structural failure. Overinflated tyres wear more quickly from the middle area. In worst cases, it can even cause a blowout. To prevent these problems, make sure that you inspect the pressure in tyres at regular intervals. Also, even if you have adjusted the tyres to the right PSI, remember that the pressure will be lost gradually over a period of time and especially the pressure will release more quickly in cold weather.

Rotate tyres regularly: The wear and tear of tyres happen differently depending on where they are located. Front tyres wear more quickly on the shoulders whereas the rear ones become rough from the middle soon. Rotating tyres help you to equalize this wear and tear, therefore, extend the life of tyres. So, even if the other services are not due for that time, you must visit the nearby tyre management service provider to get the tyres rotated. Rotate your truck tyres as prescribed (after certain miles) by the manufacturer.

A quick and regular inspection of tyres: Inspecting the tyres visually on a routine basis is the best habit. By doing this you will come to know the existing as well as emerging problems and therefore will be able to take actions timely. In this routine visual inspection, look out for bulges, cuts or any such irregularity which you feel are not right for the tyres. You can even send the truck to some tyre management service provider for this regular inspection and better maintenance.

Remember good habits take you a long way and when the matter is of your fleet, a happy and safe drive on the long ways is sure with these habits.

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