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Selecting the right size of the tyre can enhance the overall performance of the fleet and also save provide fuel economy while providing safety to drivers.

  • The right pair of the tyre increase the vehicle’s performance mobility, acceleration, and handling in line with road safety.
  • Ensure that you select the right size, shape and tread pattern specific to your Fleet need.
  • Selecting Tyre Brand is also an important part while selecting and buying the right tyres for your trucks.
  • Choosing the right tyre also saves recurring money on your tyre purchase.

Here are some of the important points that can help to choose the right tyres for your trucks.

The Tyre Type – Tubeless or Tube type?

one of the most important aspects while selecting the right tyres is choosing between tubeless and tube-type tyres,

it is advisable to choose tubeless over tube-type tyres because they are much more advanced and safer.

additionally, tubeless tyres do not need the purchase of alloy wheels.

Steel Alloy wheels will also work well with them because they are rust-free and have an internal anti-rust coating.

Terrain Consideration, the truck is driven the most? 

Truck tyres come in various categories. Before you start exploring the market, you first need to see where the truck has driven the maximum.

Is it just on the streets, a combination of streets and off-road or exclusively off-road? All-season tyres are good for pavement driving.

If you drive maximum on the rough, rocky surface with a lot of mud then off-road tyres will be a suggestion for you.

Off-road tyres, also known as mud tyres have knobby tread patterns and stiffer sidewalls which help in easy driving over rocks and mud without puncture.

Prefer all-terrain tyres when the maximum of the times truck is driven on the street but at times go off roads too.

how to choose right tyres for Trucks
how to choose the right tyres for Trucks

Choosing the Right Tyre Size

It is recommended that the new tyres should be of the same size as the old tyres were.

If you don’t know the size of the existing tyres you can check the owner’s manual or the sticker on the inside panel of the driver’s road,

there you will get the information about the tyre’s size.

Learn to read the tyres:

Every tyre sidewall has ratings written on them. The ratings are for specific features but indicate the overall performance.

You should know about them, understand them and must be able to figure out what ratings are good for your tyres.

Truck tyre size rating:

Written on the side of the tyre, the size rating is usually shown in metric. While going for new tyres,

we suggest going for a better rating than the current rating to have better performance but then make sure that you don’t go to extremes.

Stay in the middle of your rating scale.

Truck tyre speed rating:

This is the rating of the speed range at which the truck can be driven with the load on it.

The common designations used in this category of rating are V and Z.

V means the range of 240 km/hr or 149 mph. Z means the top speed.

This designation ensures that you can safely drive at the speed you choose.

Truck tyre loading rating:

This number explains the limit of load which is safe to carry on the truck. Again, select the rating as per the load your truck carries.

Right Tyre Tread Pattern:

The most common tread design in the tyre industry is a symmetrical tread pattern which means the inner and outer tread blocks have similar patterns.

although asymmetric tyre tread patterns consider to be more reliable and provide better handling, Road Grip and stability on high curves during the rainy season,

so it’s advisable to avoid a mix of tread patterns to maintain safety and tyre performance.

This is another important rating to check. Most of the tyres have UTQG, which is a specification for treadwear, traction, and temperature.

The treadwear rating is also an indication of how hard the tire compound is.

The harder the compound, the better the life of the tyres.

Right RIM Size Selection

choosing the right rim size is also an important part of tyre performance, fleet owners must choose the right rim size for the truck/fleet suggested by the manufacturer.

The right rim size can be found on the original wheels or inside the driver’s cabin.

exceding the rim size put additional cost on the fleet as well as the performance of the vehicles.

Tyre Warranty:

it’s advisable to buy tyres that have good coverage against defects.

Well, most of the tyres come with a warranty but still look for the one which specifically says about the treadwear warranty.  

This warranty guarantees that the tread will last up to a specific number of miles.

However, if the tyres are specifically designed for off-roading then no treadwear warranty comes.

Don’t ever forget to clearly read and understand the fine warranty terms.

Date of manufacture:

While buying the tyre, check the date of manufacturing mentioned on the sidewall.

It is a DOT code represented by A 4-digit number where the first two digits indicate the week and the last two speak about the year.

The reputation of the manufacturer:

Read the reviews of the tyres you are planning to buy. Buy from renowned manufacturers as they always provide products of better quality and high standards.

So, the process of buying tyres is not that tough a job also.

You just need to keep these points in mind and you are surely going to enjoy a smooth ride.

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