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We organized a driver training program on 11th of Sep.’19 with an objective of educating the drivers about the maintenance of fleet tyres as well as show how tyres play a dominant role in safety.

The session kickstarted with the general problems of drivers and their other common queries. The problem which was persistently spoken by all of them was an unexpected break down of fleets on highways, how they feel helpless looking for help or repair on long highways. Here, we addressed their issue by introducing them to the Fleeca center and the Fleeca app.

We gave a demo of how to use the Fleeca app and how in just three simple clicks (BOOK, SERVICE, and PAY), their broken fleet can be repaired at the nearest Fleeca center on the highways, in no time. We also spoke on Tyre maintenance and safety tips as well as the benefits of maintaining the tyres.

The session lasted for an hour and was attended by 40 drivers. It was indeed a fruitful initiative and we are looking forward to organizing such more sessions.

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