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Imagine a world where nothing would be delivered or transported between the places. Logistics has made distribution so prompt and efficient that it has become a vitally important part of businesses. We are sure there must not be any business which is thriving without logistics. In fact, with the rise of efficient warehousing facilities in every small town and city and consumer’s preference for getting the goods delivered at home (e-commerce), logistics tend to become a competitive edge for businesses.

Logistics is the backbone of any economy and when we specifically talk about India, this industry is rapidly evolving. At least US $100 billion by 2020 is what the industry is expected to reach. Well, when you get deep into the understanding of this industry, logistic is the interplay of infrastructure, technology, new service providers and tyres. Yes, tyres, probably very insignificant components in large modern vehicles but they play a major role in keeping the industry running.  As per the stats, the Indian tyre market has reached a consumption volume of 176 million units in 2018 and the figure is expected to turn out to be 239 million units by 2024. Woah! This growth roughly counts to be 5 in percentage.

How tyres are the silent champions of the industry?

Mounted on the four corners of the vehicle, tyres play a very crucial role: They carry the weight which is 50 times more than their weight. They withstand the considerable load, both at the time of acceleration and braking and keep rolling irrespective of the surface of the road and temperature.

Tyres, the only thing that is in contact with the road enables the driver to control the vehicle at any given point of time. A driver can change or maintain the direction of the vehicle because of tyres only.

Acceleration, break, little slow and then speed up; It’s the tyres only that transmit the energy from the engine on the road. It responds continuously to the road condition, traffic situation and the wish of the driver.

Lastly, tyres work with the vehicle’s suspension to absorb all the shocks and bumps that come on the way because of irregularities on the road. This ensures a comfortable ride and longevity of the vehicle.

Tyres once bought, generally, last for 6-7 years. Indeed, their lifespan depends on conditions of the road, driving style, speed, environment and etc. but then a lot of it also depends on how well you take care of them. Yes, just like the service of the vehicle, your tyres should also be checked and serviced periodically. Tyres contribute significantly to the overall operating cost; they can be the reason for better fuel efficiency, durability, performance and endurance. Mainly, tyres can be responsible for your safety as well as your vehicle’s safety. So, when actually these minors/tyres play a major role then why not to start paying attention to them? We recommend inspecting the tyres in every 15 days. In case your schedule doesn’t allow for it or you have too many vehicles then contact FLEECA, we look after all your fleet’s tyre services, issues and maintenance. We provide excellent tyre management services at affordable prices.

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