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Are you a transporter and does managing a number of a fleet tyre of yours take a toil on you? We mean, when the fleets are many then it is natural to happen that one day one fleet tyre has some issue and the other day the other fleet’s tyre comes up with some problem. In such scenarios, it gets difficult to run the business smoothly. As an owner, you are bound to look into the repair matters, leaving your important business aside. Maintenance of fleet and their tyres is an essential job but when it starts taking a lot of your precious time then it definitely gets annoying. To save your time for productive activities, here comes a digital solution to all your fleet tyre maintenance problems, Fleeca App.

What is Fleeca app?

Fleeca app is the application of Fleeca India Pvt. Ltd. through which transporters and drivers can book the service of their fleet’s tyre, transporters can keep an online record of all the data and thereby make tyre maintenance an easy job.

How Fleeca app is beneficial to transporters?

Easy tyre service booking: Whenever the fleet breakdowns because of some tyre issue, there is no need now to call different service stations and plead for quick availability of services. With the Fleeca app, in no-time, you can book the truck tyre service with nearby Fleeca center and get the tyre repaired quickly. In times of emergency, you can quickly get connected through calls also. The app is very user-friendly and the response is very quick.

Records of tyre services: May it be air pressure, rotation, alignment or any tyre issue, Fleeca addresses all of them. Fleeca app maintains the records of all your truck tyre services taken from Fleeca center. You don’t need to maintain physical records of tyre maintenance, you can open the app anytime and check the repair and maintenance data online.

Proper billing: For whatever tyre services are taken from the Fleeca center, Fleeca app generates a proper bill to the user/owner. This bill brings in the transaction transparency as well as can be used as a piece of proper record for expenses in the organization. You can file these bills for taxation purposes as they are complete with charges and goods and service tax.

Pleasant experience: While using the Fleeca app and Fleeca center, be assured of a great experience. The entire concept is designed with a motive to bring ease to your day to day fleet tyre problems. The app is consistent, compatible and offers good utility to transporters and drivers both. Also, it is free of cost so just download it from your google play store and get absolutely tension free about your truck tyre services.

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