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Tyre issues can anytime occur while driving on highways with a heavy load, sometimes it’s difficult to get tyre service on the route is difficult.

How to Handle Highway Tyre Issues

Taking a lot of valuable goods from one city to another, the driver of a running fleet always has one eminent worry

“what if my fleet stops in the middle of the highway?” Stopping the fleet in between the journey is actually an apprehensive situation.

We mean, you don’t know what happened in the fleet, when and how will it start now and from where nearest, you can get it repaired.

Well, sorting out all these answers, Fleeca Centers appears as a one-stop solution to all your worries of driving on highways.

What are the Fleeca centers?

Fleeca centers are the authorized and authentic truck tyre service centres of Fleeca India Pvt. Ltd.

which are situated on highways and aim to be a source of help to the drivers whose fleet stops in between.

How to reach the Fleeca center?

To avail of the services of Fleeca center, download the Fleeca app on your phone and from there get your tyre service booked at the nearest fleeca centre.

Advantages of Fleeca Center Tyre Service Shops

Fleeca centre is a well-thought initiative in the logistics industry. The advantages of it for the fleet drivers are:

Hassle-free Tyre Issues Repair

With Fleeca Center get your tyres repaired absolutely hassle-free. Now no more seeking somebody’s help,

waiting endlessly on the highway and going through that sad feeling of being stuck on the road.

Simply book your service with the Fleeca app and get back to driving without wasting much time.

Quality work

While being stuck on the highway, you might find small vendors servicing the fleet tyres and doing temporary jugaad with their old equipment.

With Fleeca, opt for quality work for your fleet tyres.

We have a team of experienced and trained servicemen who use all apt and modern equipment for inspection and repair purposes.

Price Assurance

Variation in prices for the same services is very common on highways.

Somebody saying Rs.200 while somebody charging 500 for the same.

In Fleeca, there is no such practice of taking undue advantage of your unawareness about tyre service charges.

We charge a fixed amount for our services and ask for fair money which we deserve.

Proper Billing

Generally, because of not being able to present a proper bill to the fleet owner,

the drivers end up bearing the fleet service expenses on their own.

Fleeca gives you a proper bill which you can get reimbursed from the owner and thereby get saved from spending your own money.

Other Facilities

While the tyre is getting repaired at Fleeca, eat your meal at the nearby Dhaba.

Yes, the location of Fleeca center offers you good choices of nearby dhabas. We have a parking space too for your fleet.

More, Fleeca center is offering discounts and coupons on services, so, hurry, download the app right now and avail the best truck tyre services in India.

Tyre Issues Final Thought

although highway tyre issues can not be avoided.

by choosing Fleeca Center service can be a good option to encounter all tyre service-related issues on highways.

if you need Fleeca Enroute Tyre service you can write to us at sales@fleeca.in

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