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In times where fuel prices are increasing and other variable costs are hiking, every owner or manager of the fleet business is struggling to find the answer to these important questions that how can the operating cost be reduced? How can profits be saved? And how can the business run smoothly? Well, figuring out the answers for these questions, here we tell you a simple tip: manage and maintain your fleet tyres effectively and you will see a reduction in your business operating cost. Yes, tyres are the most overlooked part but they majorly impact the profitability.

The ways in which tyres can lower the operating cost are:

Keep the tyres inflated: A properly inflated tyre lower the rolling resistance, increases the fuel efficiency and wears more evenly. Keeping a tyre properly inflated is not a very big task. It just takes a minute to check the inflation and then fill in the right air pressure. For that matter, some of the modern trucks even come fitted with tyre pressure sensors. They inform when the pressure is low so that you can timely get the tyre inflated. Do check the tyre inflation at regular intervals.

Check the treads: If a tread is continually worn, it eventually comes to a stage of losing a casing and casing, in the tyre industry is termed as an asset. So, imagine when you lose an asset what amount of money you need to pay? A tyre with worn-out tread is also at risk of a blowout. It even reduces traction and braking ability.

Choose the right tyre: The type of tyres you select also takes you a long way and cuts your operating costs significantly. Always choose the tyre depending on the type of fleet and also the type of roads where the fleet is going to run maximum. Tyres with deep treads and cut and chip-resistant feature are ought to run better. Also remember, tyres for the rare wheel are different and for front-wheel are different. Not all tyres are created equal, for example; the tyres in the rare wheel should be such that they can bear the heavy load.

Go for retreading: When tyres wear out completely, go for retreading rather than throwing them and buying new tyres. Buying new tyres requires a lot of money and when you get a tyre retread from a certified shop, you get the performance of new tyre in absolutely no money as compare to a cost of a new tyre. Retreads are definitely safe and good to do. Just don’t believe any of the myths attached to tyre retreading.

To lower down the operating cost, one should always keep track the cost and performance of tyres. When you timely check all the components of tyres, you save yourself from some big issue coming up. You act at the right moment and thereby save the big future expense.

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